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Beyond sports, we believe in the power of education, and with this we developed a reading project, where part of the training time has a day where the students must pick a book from the project’s library. After the determined reading period, each student must present what they found most interesting in the book they read, followed by a moment for debate on the topic, developing numerous relevant as well as current topics to be discussed.

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We understand the importance of the physical well-being of our students during the training sessions, which is why we developed, in a planner manner, by age, a CORE training and stretching sessions to boost the performance of our students while avoiding possible pain or injuries

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We believe that positive examples add value in the training of our students. This is why part of the training contains lectures from professionals of different areas to talk about different themes – from professional athletes to even doctors. This way, we help in the development of all children and teenagers in the “Escola de Goleiros”.

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We believe in our mission as a social project, for 15 years we have developed activities for the benefit of children and adolescents without distinction of any social class, gender and physical and psychomotor characteristics. In a FREE way, we know the need to train good citizens for our society and that is what we do with the more than 4,000 students who have experienced what it is to be Camisa 1 up close today ...


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