• Victor Zorzenoni

    The goalkeeper, Victor, had a period of training the “Escola de Goleiros” until he integrated the base category of Red Bull Brasil, and stood out in state championships in São Paulo. He made it to the professional league and has made contributions in professional disputes.

  • Rafael

    The young goalkeeper Rafael was part of the “Escola de Goleiros” for part of his development, where he learned the basic foundations of the position. Currently he lives in the United States, where he plays and studies.

  • Levy

    The young goalkeeper, Levy, was part of the “Escola de Goleiros” project then continued his career in the Ponte Preta team, then in the Desportivo Brasil where he made it to the professional league.

  • Leonardo Caruzo

    Leonardo was enrolled in the “Escola de Goleiros” project while still in his childhood, participating effectively in all activities inside and outside the soccer field. He played in a few professional Brazilian teams then followed to a university scholarship program.

  • Leonardo Carvalho

    Leonardo started his career in the “Escola de Goleiros” project from a very young age, and followed all the categories in the base team of Red Bull Brasil, and currently is part of the Sub-20 team.

  • Jessica Ferreira

    The goalkeeper, Jessica, participated in the “Escola de Goleiros” where she enhanced her game skills and made her way in women’s soccer teams such as: XV de Piracicaba, São Paulo F.C, Foz Cataratas and has significant participation in the national scenario.

  • Guilherme Pegorari

    Pegorari began is career in the “Escola de Goleiros Camisa 1” project and started playing for Rio Branco – SP as well as Palmeiras, made it to the alviverde professional league and also played important roles in clubs like Guarani, Figuerense and Ituano.

  • Georgemy

    Georgemy also has been part of the “Escola de Goleiros” and has stood out since the beginning, starting his base development in Cruzeiro, from Belo Horizonte, and made it to the Brazilian soccer league in the dispute for the South American as well the world championship in 2015. He has played for a team in Portugal and currently plays for the Brazilian team CRB, in Alagoas.

  • Gauther

    The goalkeeper, Gauther, is one of the students who was there on the first training day of this project, in 2005. He stood out along the years and became a professional goalkeeper who has played in the main Brazilian teams, such as Corinthians and Santos and currently plays for a European soccer league.

  • Gabriel

    The young goalkeeper Gabriel, was part of the “Escola de Goleiros” for part of his development, receiving the main basic foundations for the position. Gabriel currently lives in the United States where aside from playing soccer, he also studies.

  • Diego Pato

    “Diego Pato”, as he was called in the “Escola de Goleiros”, was part of the beginning of the project, in 2005, and had the opportunity of being part of both base and professional teams on Rio Branco de Americana. And in the São Paulo championship, in 2014, won in the Ituano team, playing against Santos.

  • Daniel Fuzato

    Goalkeeper Daniel Fuzato took his first steps in the “Escola de Goleiros” project and was a highlight in regional competitions. He made his base in the Palmeiras team until he reached the main team, with calls for the Brazilian Olympic Team, and mainly, he is currently Fuzato is a goalkeeper for Roma (Italy).

  • Bruna de Almeida

    The goalkeeper Bruna de Almeida, participated in the project of the “Escola de Goleiros” developing her game techniques. The athlete became a professional goalkeeper and has been a part of important clubs in the women's soccer scene in Brazil. Bruna played in Brazilian clubs such as: Corinthians, Audax Osasco, Portuguesa, Ferroviária, São José, and many others.

  • Bia Nicoletti

    Goalkeeper Beatriz was part of the Escola de Goleiros project for years, following her base trajectory in professional clubs as well, reaching the Brazilian base women’s team. In addition, she has passage in Brazilian teams such as Chapecoense, Santos and is currently in Italian football.

  • Allan

    The goalie Allan was part of the “Escola de Goleiros” project in his childhood and adolescence, becoming a professional athlete with passages in Brazilian clubs such as: Paulista de Jundiaí, Ponte Preta and São Bernardo.  

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